Healthcare Proxy

Experienced Buffalo estate planning lawyer explains what’s important to know about a healthcare proxy

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  • As a dedicated Buffalo estate planning lawyer, I often get questions from clients regarding healthcare proxies and what is important to know about them.
  • The New York State healthcare proxy law allows you to appoint someone you trust to make health-related decisions for you, under the circumstances that you cannot make those decisions for yourself.
  • Without a healthcare proxy, nobody can make the decision for you; The doctors will have to go to the courts for an answer to be rendered by a judge.
  • You can give the person you select as your healthcare proxy as much or as little authority as you want.
  • You can allow them to make all healthcare decisions for you, or limit their authority to only make certain predetermined decisions.

Trying to decide on how you want to live the remainder of your life, and who you should appoint to make those decisions on your behalf can be overwhelming. Buffalo estate planning attorney Randy H. Gugino has been assisting residents throughout Western New York plan their estates for over 30 years. He can provide the guidance you need and experience you deserve. Contact him today to schedule a no-obligation consultation. Let his experience work for you.

This video was provided by Randy Gugino, a dedicated Buffalo Estate Planning Lawyer.

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