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At the Law Offices of Randy H. Gugino, we know that legal matters can be overwhelming and confusing. Dedicated Buffalo Attorney Randy Gugino has taken the time to answer your most frequently asked legal questions in the areas of Divorce & Family Law, Bankruptcy, Will & Estate Planning, Criminal Defense, Real Estate, and Landlord Tenant Law. Knowledge is power, and we believe in empowering and educating our clients about their specific legal issues. If you have questions about a legal matter, please contact Attorney Gugino at (716) 833-8455 for a confidential consultation. Let our experience work for you.

Divorce Videos

How To Choose a Divorce Lawyer?

How Long Can a Divorce Take?

How Should I Respond If I get Served Divorce Papers?

Equitable Distribution

Grounds For Divorce

No-Fault Divorce

Uncontested Divorce

Contested vs Uncontested Divorce

Alimony and Spousal Maintenance

How Should I Serve My Spouse Divorce Papers?

How Should I Prepare for My Divorce Proceeding?

How Should I Notify My Spouse When Filing for Divorce?

What if I’m Unable to Locate my Spouse?

What is The First Step in The Divorce Process?

What is The Most Important Issue in Divorce?

Prenuptial Agreements

Should I Get a Prenup Prior to Marriage?

Divorce Attorney Fees in Buffalo

How Much it Costs to Get Divorced?

Do I Need a Separation Agreement?

Going to Court for a Divorce

How Can I Alleviate Divorce Expenses?

Who Pays the Legal Fees in a Divorce?

Does Life Insurance Count As Marital Property?

Who Receives The Tax Exemption Post Divorce With Children Involved?

What Documents Do I Need To Start A Divorce?

What Happens When a Divorce Case Goes to Trial?

What is a Law Guardian?

What is a Mediator?

What is a Property Settlement Agreement Or Separation Agreement?

What Is Equitable Distribution?

Modifying Your Divorce Agreement in Buffalo

What Are the Grandparent’s Rights?

Can I File a Joint Tax Return The Same Year I Was Divorced?

Can I Get Divorced if My Spouse Lives in a Different State?

How Long Does It Take To Get Divorced In New York?

How Long Must I Live in a State Before Getting Divorced?

How Long Does an Uncontested Divorce Take?

What Should I Do After My Divorce?

Spousal Maintenance Duration

How are Non-Reimbursed Medical Bills Paid?

Can I Move Out of State if the Baby isn’t Born Yet?

What if my Spouse Voluntarily Reduced Their Income?

Can I Open My Own Bank Account When I File for Divorce?

Should I Share My Divorce on Social Media?