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Regardless of how or why your marriage is ending, you benefit greatly from the counsel of a skilled divorce lawyer. At the Law Offices of Randy H. Gugino, we thoroughly advise you on how to handle issues like child support and custody, maintenance and the division of property and assets. Our Buffalo-based firm has more than three decades of experience representing the best interests of divorcing spouses in the community. We have an in-depth knowledge of divorce law and know how to move cases forward timely and efficiently.

Uncontested Divorce

The majority of spouses seeking to dissolve their marriage do so through an uncontested divorce. In an uncontested divorce, you and your spouse agree on issues like maintenance, child custody, child support and property division and do not need the assistance of the court. No matter how amicable your relationship is with your spouse, it is in your best interests to seek knowledgeable advice of  an experienced Buffalo Divorce Attorney.  Schedule an appointment to talk with Randy H. Gugino.  Mr Gugino has over 30 years experience helping people just like you.

Contested Divorce

Unfortunately, not all couples agree on how to handle child custody, maintenance, child support and property division. Spouses who cannot resolve these issues must rely on the court system. A contested divorce can last several weeks or months, and in some cases a year or more. Because a contested divorce is a legal battle, it is essential that you retain skilled counsel. At the Law Offices of Randy H. Gugino, we have been providing Western New Yorkers like you with trustworthy advice since 1980.

Grounds for divorce in New York

In 2010, New York became the last state to recognize no fault as a grounds for divorce. If you wish to file for divorce in New York, you may cite an irretrievable breakdown of marriage as your reason. No matter how complex your divorce case, we are here to give you the guidance and advice you deserve.

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